Color Cursors

Assigning a color cursor (color bar) or more of them (blue, green, magenta or coral) to a 1D, 2D and/or 3D view, is helpful for navigation in complex scenes and also for better data organization. You can set more views to show a particular cursor, say blue. Then when you assign an object to the blue cursor, all the views which are associated with the blue cursor, will immediately show information about the selected object.

Assign an Object to a Cursor

RealityCapture defines four cursors.

Set a View to Display a Cursor

Assigning a color to a view will make this view display the information of the object hidden in the cursor. Depending on the view type, it can be information about the object properties (1D view), image (2D view), or spatial placement (3D view). With cursors, you can display all this information at once, by assigning colors to your views. The system automatically refreshes views whenever a user selects or changes the cursor object.

Moving Objects Among Cursors and Views

Sometimes it is desired to let a view cursor unchanged and display another object in this view.

Navigating through images

Based on the color cursor and selected 2D view it is possible to navigate through images using keyboard shortcuts:

NOTE: You can navigate through images even if there is no color cursor assigned to the 2D view.