Video Screen Grabber

If you want to capture your workflow in a video, RC has an integrated screen grabber. This tool automatically records a video of everything that is going on in the area of the application window.

  • ScreenGrabber1
  • ScreenGrabber2
  • ScreenGrabber3
  • ScreenGrabber4

TIP: You can also add a special button for screen recording to the Quick Access Toolbar of RealityCapture, and even define your own shortcut.
To do so:
  1. click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar icon:

  2. press 'More Commands',
  3. set 'Choose commands from' to 'OTHER | COMMANDS' from the roll-up menu,
  4. choose Toggle Recording from the list of Commands,
  5. for creating the button, hit the middle Add button and confirm your choice with OK,
  6. for defining your own shortcut, follow these steps (in this order): click Customize next to the 'Keyboard shortcuts', choose COMMANDS from Categories, select Toggle Recording from Commands, now click into the line for 'Press new shortcut key' and press a chosen button on your keyboard; if yet unassigned, you can confirm your choice by clicking the Assign button.