Auto Save Mode

This feature is great for recovering the project changes after an unexpected problem occurs with your PC and the RealityCapture process is interrupted. This feature can recover your prior changes such as placed GCP´s, computed models, textures, etc., should the process have successfully completed beforehand.

How to Activate Autosave mode:

Where are autosave files saved

The first part of the autosave file(s) is saved to resource cache (we do not recommend using system temp as target cache location – this folder will require storage as with Auto Save mode enabled). The second part of the autosave files is saved to the project folder as "project_name".autosave.

Autosave saving period

Autosave creates a "project_name".autosave file after 30 seconds (currently cannot be changed) when a user makes any changes to a project. The file is located in the project folder.
However, when you select Align Images, Normal Detail reconstruction, or any other high computational feature, autosave will occur immediately (this overrides the 30 seconds interval).

In case of a new project, autosave will save only to the resource cache located in path:
C:\Users\”CurrentUser”\AppData\Local\Temp\RealityCapture or RealityCapture-1, RealityCapture-2 or RealityCapture-3 (Where RealityCapture = instance 1, RealityCapture-1 = instance 2 and so on)
In the event of a previously saved project, autosave will save to the path of that project with suffix project.autosave
When you next open your original project, you will see a dialog prompt asking whether you want to recover prior changes.


Select one of the options:

General Autosave Notes

Continue Interrupted Model Calculation with Autosave

After enabling autosave you are also getting a new sub-feature which will autosave model parts when RealityCapture creates a model (reconstruction process). You will no longer lose all your already processed model parts after the unexpected closing of the app or other similar circumstances.

How incremental model reconstruction process works:

After one model part is created, RealityCapture will autosave (saves it to resource cache) that part 15 minutes after completing the processing of that model part. If RealityCapture process is interrupted after the successful model part save, you can continue the model calculation from that autosave point. After opening the project, an Autosave dialog window will appear. Click on Recover, select the model to be continued in calculation in 1Ds view and navigate to the bottom left corner to Continue model calculation and Click on Continue button. Reconstruction process will continue from prior Autosave point.

Example of a model situation

NOTE: Using "Continue" in model calculation will create a new counter for the rest of the parts in the console - for instance, if you have a total of 555 parts and RealityCapture was able to autosave 500 parts in the console you will see “Processing part 1 / 55. Estimated 2265 vertices”. Instead of " Processing part 501 / 555".

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