Application Settings

Open the application settings in the Application part of the Workflow tab.


Rendering Settings

Change the number of triangles that can be displayed in the 3Ds view while using the solid or sweet scene render modes.


Visual and Language Settings

Use these settings to change the application's visual style and UI language.


Control-point editor brightness enhancing

Change the settings used to enhance the image brightness and contrast when placing control points.

Import Settings

Common settings which applies when a user imports images or RealityCapture components.


Group calibration by exif To group camera parameters automatically using EXIF data, when images are added to a project, set this parameter to True. More about grouping here.
Copy imported components to cache Set to True in case your cache is located on an SSD disk, and you want to speed up the access to components.
Ignore exif GPS If an image includes GPS coordinates in the EXIF, you can globally turn on/off their use here. Alternatively, you may do it in the sensorsdb.xml per camera.

Coordinate Systems

RealityCapture can work with multiple coordinate systems at once, e.g., each control point can be measured w.r.t. a different coordinate system. Here, you can change the project and the output coordinate system.


Project coordinate system A reference coordinate system, click here.
Output coordinate system for export in a different coordinate system. More information here.

Start Button

Here, you can define a sequence of tasks that are applied when you press the Start button.


Alignment precision Choose Draft for the fast estimation of camera poses with lower precision or High for the highest precision.
Select components If alignment resulted in more than one component, you can choose here which components will be processed further: all components/the greatest one/with at least 25% images/stop if more components.
Reconstruction region Define whether RealityCapture should restrict the reconstruction area: automatic/do not restrict. We recommend to always use the reconstruction region.
Reconstruction mode Choose Preview for fast reconstruction with low detail, Normal for the sufficiently detailed reconstruction or, High for the maximal resolution but with higher computation time.
Mesh filtration When enabled, it will select the largest model component, invert the selection, and filter out the selected parts of the model. This can be used to remove floaters.
Colors and texturing Choose how to colorize the model: White-color scheme for not calculating colors; per-vertex color for faster computations (suitable for denser models); textures for more realistic textures but with higher computation time; or both vertex colors and textures.

Change the settings used to texture the model

Texturing Style While the Visibility-based style is fast and sharp, the Photo-consistency based style is slower with more complex results. Mosaicing based style (experimental) divides the surface of the model into areas, and a single image source is used to texture each area and blend at the seams. This is in contrast with blending methods that create textures by averaging over multiple image sources. Maximal, Minimal and Average intensity will give a point an intensity value (monochrome) as a result of all of the cameras that see that point.
Maximal texture count Choose the amount of textures that will be made (RealityCapture will try to make 8k if there is adequate data).
Smooth Choose whether the model will be smoothed.
Simplify Choose whether the model should be simplified or not.

Change the settings used to simplify the model

Progress End Notification

When a process has ended, you can define an immediate follow-up action using these settings.


Minimal process duration Set a minimal duration after which RealityCapture will execute the notification task. This value is in seconds. For practical reasons, this value should be greater than 60.
Action Choose one of these for the program to be carried out after the time set above lapses: none / play a sound / execute a program. When choosing to Execute a program, a user may also define command-line parameters (for example, an error message, duration, process type, RealityCapture setting, scene name), which will call an external program.

For example:

Write the following sequence of commands into a field Command-line process in the settings panel:

"C:\Users\user\Desktop\post-op.bat" "Process $(processId) has finished with result code $(processResult) after $(processDuration:d) seconds on scene $(sceneName)"
NOTE: If the file path contains spaces, it must be in double quotation marks (""), such as the example "C:\Users\user\Desktop\post-op.bat".

Create "post-op.bat" file that contains commands to write the process result into a file named with the current date and time:

@echo off
cd %~dp0
echo %1>"RC_%date:~-4,4%%date:~-8,2%%date:~-12,2%_%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%.log"

%date:~-4,4% are the last four characters of the current date (the year).
%date:~-8,2% are the eighth and seventh characters from the right side (the month).
%date:~-12,2% are the twelfth and eleventh characters from the right side (the day).

The same principle applies for the time as well.
The format of the date and time depends on the Windows region and language settings. To check the format, please execute in a command prompt window the following commands:

echo %DATE%
echo %TIME%

After the process (with Minimal process duration) is complete, a file RC_date_time.log is created with the result of a process in the form:

"Process 020735 has finished with result code 00 after 120 seconds on scene New scene"

Screen Grabber

RealityCapture integrates a documentation system, which allows you to record a video during your workflow. The screen grabber captures the window area and stores it on a disk with quality, resolution, and frame rate defined below. The system automatically recognizes whether a time-consuming process is running. Then, the screen grabber automatically reduces the capturing and speeds it up so that every process appears in the final video at maximum 8 seconds long, regardless of how long it really took. You do not need to worry about hours of non-changing videos.


Epic Games account

Sign out of your account in RealityCapture or sign in to one if you skipped the sign-in process.


Global Settings

You can export and import the global settings of the application here.


Export global settings Click the button to export the global settings of the application to .rcconfig file.
Import global settings Click the button to import the global settings of the application from .rcconfig file.

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