Reconstruction Settings

Settings related to the reconstruction process can be found in the Create Model part of the MESH MODEL tab.

Image Depth-map Calculation

The first part of a model calculation is a depth-map calculation for each image. Here, you can set up the parameters of this part. This part of the calculation uses mainly the GPU. Please close all applications that are using GPU in order to lower GPU memory usage.

TIP: You can select images that you do not want to use in a model computation by image multi-selection and the selected inputs' panel (prior to the model computation).


NOTE: Downscale for depth maps (defined in the 1Ds Selected input(s) panel for selected pictures) x Image downscale (defined in Reconstruction settings) = resulting downscale for selected images for depth-map computation.

Laser Scans

These settings are used when a laser scan is being used during a model computation.


Mesh Calculation

Mesh is created after depth maps are calculated. Use these parameters to control the properties of the final mesh.




Coloring and Texturing

More on how to turn your 3D into color