Smoothing Tool

This tool smooths down rough surfaces of a model. It can be found in the SCENE 3D / TOOLS tab in the Mesh Model section.


Smoothing type Choose the smoothing type. This defines the overall strength of the tool.
Smoothing style It is possible to choose what is going to be smoothed. Options are to smooth only vertices on the surface of the model, only vertices that create the borders of the model, only vertices that create peaks on the surface of the model, or all vertices (surface and borders).
Smoothing weight This value is used by every iteration. The higher the number, the smoother the model but the detail of the model is going to be lower.
Smoothing iterations Number of times smoothing is going to be carried out with chosen settings.

Be aware that smoothing creates a new model, and the original model is preserved.

TIP: Smaller smoothing weight and more iterations are recommended to remove noise, while higher weight, and less iterations for mesh smoothing. However, we recommend you use the default values.

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