Merging Components

A component is a group of images which are aligned together. Sometimes you can get more components, for example when your photo collection contains more than one disjoint physical object, object texture is weak, there are not enough images or the change in perspective is too high, overlap among images is small and RealityCapture could not pair the images automatically.
Here we learn how to merge components by using Merge components tool, providing an additional set of input images, using tie points or ground control points.

There is not any component in the current project. You can continue, but it is better to create some components, so that you can follow these tutorial steps and learn how to merge components which belong together.

There is a single incomplete component in the current project. There are more images which could not be aligned together with this component. Check visually if these images contain your object of interest and consider adding more images at the places which were not covered enough. Adding more images is typically faster than adding control points manually, which is the second option.

You already have a component containing all images. Congratulations!


Where are they?

Which images are registered?

Merging Options

There are more options how to connect a scene which was split into more components.

Merge Using Images

Step-by-step tutorial

Merge Using Control Points and Ground Control

Step-by-step tutorial

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