RealityCapture Help

Welcome to RealityCapture, a state-of-the-art software solution intended for performing various 3D reconstruction tasks. You can use the resources in this section to learn how to automatically convert photos to a 3D model, filter laser scans, and create 3D meshes from laser point clouds, re-color/texture laser scans using images and how to reconstruct scene parts which were invisible to laser scanners and more.

Define Your Goal:

Quick Start

Create a 3D model in a step-by-step tutorial

Get Familiar with the Application Basics

Create a 3D Model from Laser Scans

Process registered or unregistered laser scans

Combine Photos & Laser Scans

Learn how to register and process laser scans and images together

Create a 3D Model from Aerial Data

Learn how to create a 3D model from aerial data

Video as an Input

On adding videos as input data and creating image sequences from them

Create and export an Ortho-Photo & DSM

Learn how to create and export ortho projections

Classify Your Model

Learn how to classify your model

Map Wizard

Automation of map creation

Fast Draft Reconstruction

Verify & analyze data in the field

Coloring and Texturing

Learn how to turn your 3D reconstruction into color

Color Normalization

For correcting colors of input images after alignment

Texture Reprojection

Use a texture for a simplified/retopologized model from the high-detail model

Image Layers

Sorting images for different processes


Learn how to reduce a number of model triangles


Learn how to remove unwanted parts of a model

Alpha Channel Masks

On masking some parts of images

Mesh Smoothing

Learn how to smooth down rough surfaces of a model

Render Screenshots

Learn how to visualize your 3D reconstruction

Merge Components

Learn how to merge components using additional photos or control points

Scale the Scene

Add/update correct dimensions of your model

Geo-reference the Scene

Geo-reference w.r.t. a coordinate system

Assessing Alignment Quality

Learn how to check the registration quality

Export, Import and Re-use Computations:

Model Export

Learn how to export your 3D reconstruction in the highest quality

Undistorted Images

Process of their creation for export

LOD Export

On exporting a 3D reconstruction for different levels of detail

Cesium ion

On content upload to Cesium ion

16-bit and HDR Images

Their import, texturing process, and export of the results

Model Import

Learn how to import a model for a further processing, e.g. re-texturing

Publish and Share Models

Upload to Sketchfab, share map/overview reports via cloud

Ground Control Points Export

How to export ground control points to a text file

Ground Control Points Import

How to add ground control points into your project

Control Points' Measurements Export

How to export control points' positions into a text file

Control Points' Measurements Import

How to import control points' positions into your project

Flight Log Import

How to import flight log file correctly

Define Import Format

How to define own import format

Fly-through Video

Learn about its options

Re-use Alignment

Learn how to optimize repetitive processes

CMPMVS, Bundle Out & Co.

Import custom projects such as CMPMVS or others and re-process it


Export various HTML reports

Useful Workflows and Tools:

Selected input(s)

Learn more about the selected input(s)

Small components

On alignment and small components

Using Components

Learn how to process big chunks of images efficiently

Camera Properties

Learn how to set calibration groups and priors, choose a camera model etc.

Auto Save Mode

Learn how to turn on auto save mode and how it functions

Inspection Tool

Check dependencies between cameras and find weak points

Matches Display

Display matching points between images

Reconstruction Region

Learn how to create a box region in the 3D view

Clipping Box

How to work with and when to use it

Texture Unwrap

Change or create a new UV map

Clean Model and Check Topology

How to fix topology issues

Close Holes

Close holes in a model

Detect Markers

How to automate the placement of control points


Check registration quality using the epipolar geometry tool

Align Ground

On adjusting the ground plane in a scene

Animation Tool

Create animated videos of your reconstructed models

Info Panel

Learn how to set box position and orientation manually

Image Multiselection

Select more pictures at the same time

Selection of Triangles in 3D

How to select triangles in a reconstructed model

Color Cursors

Assign a color bar to a 1D, 2D and/or 3D view

Learn More:

Pay-Per-Input Projects

Unlock your PPI projects

How to Take Pictures

Learn best practices and avoid mistakes

Coordinate System Selection

Learn how to select a coordinate system

Control Points

Add and understand control points

Video Screen Grabber

How to record a video of your workflow

Extending Camera Database

Learn how to add a new camera into the database and define optical distortion

Real-time Scene Renderer

Solid and textured real-time render modes and restrictions

Alignment Settings

Adjust structure from motion algorithms settings

Reconstruction Settings

Setup model reconstruction algorithms, part sizes, limits and more

Application Settings

Adjust presets, user interface, cache management and accounts


Check the list of RealityCapture shortcuts and gestures

Command Line Interface

Learn how to use RealityCapture by CLI

All CLI Commands

List of all commands for command line

CLI Settings Keys & Values

Tables of keys and values used in the set command

CLI Parametric Files of Ortho Projections

More about .rcortho and .xml files used with projections

Reality Capture Node

More about RCNode and how to use it


Translate RealityCapture into your own language

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