Cesium ion

Cesium ion is a robust, scalable, and secure platform for 3D geospatial data. Upload your content and Cesium ion will optimize and tile it for the web, serve it up in the cloud, and stream it to any device.
Model does not have to be georeferenced to be uploaded, since it is possible to upload a model and later define its approximate position.

There are two methods to do so:

  1. Use the Share button in the section 3. Output of the WORKFLOW tab. This will export your model directly to your Cesium ion account.
    The form as seen below is very simple. You only need to fill in the name of your model and the description, if you wish to.
  2. Export levels of detail (LoD) and import them to your Cesium ion account manually.
    Navigate to the MESH MODEL tab or SCENE 3D/TOOLS tab and use the Levels of Detail button found in the Export section. This will open Save as window and in the dropdown with types a format Cesium 3D tile (*.json) can be chosen. Instructions on how to set the export parameters can be found here.

    Once you are done and the .json files have been exported, you can upload them to Cesium ion through Add data button on their site.