Level of Detail Export

RealityCapture allows you to generate multiple simplified versions of a model and export them.
This is useful for many rendering systems, where it is efficient to select a level of detail based on viewing distance. To export a single file with the highest quality, please refer to the Model export guide.

Procedure and Settings

  1. Have a model reconstructed
  2. Click the Level of Detail button in the Export part of the MESH MODEL tab or in the Export part of the SCENE 3D/TOOLS tab.
  3. In the file dialog, specify the file name and the desired file format
  4. Depending on format, one of the dialogs, described below, will be displayed. Tweak the settings and click on the OK button to begin the export process.

Linear LoD Export Dialog


This dialog is shown when one of the following formats is selected: obj, ply, xyz, abc, glb, fbx, dxf, dae.

Hierarchical LoD Export Dialog


This dialog is shown when the Cesium 3D Tiles format is selected. Hierarchical level of detail splits the model into a hierarchy of so-called nodes of varying quality. When displaying the model in a compatible viewer, only some of the nodes are displayed to sustain rendering performance while showing detailed geometry. Provided that the model being exported is geo-referenced, the geospatial location of the model is preserved (see Geo-referencing a Model).

Model Export

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