CMPMVS, Bundle Out & Co.

If you have camera poses and undistorted images already, you can use RealityCapture just to create 3D models, texture and color them.

CMPMVS Projects

RealityCapture allows easy loading and re-factoring of CMPMVS projects. A CMPMVS project consists of pairs of images and text files. It is assumed that the camera distortion has been removed from the images and text files contain camera poses stored as 3x4 projection matrices.

To import a CMPMVS project:

Bundle-Out Projects

Bundle-Out has become a standard in academia. RealityCapture allows direct loading of bundle-out projects.

How to open a bundle-out project:

After opening a bundle-out project, you do not need to run alignment again. You can continue and directly calculate a 3D model.

Bundle-Out import restrictions:

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