Quick Start

Let us create a 3D model from a set of input images step-by-step.
Remember, you can return to the previous step by clicking GO BACK at the top of each page, or close the tutorial by choosing the Start button at the bottom of each page.

Step 1 - Add Images

Some images have already been added to the current project. You can skip this step, add more images or remove current images by starting a new scene.

  • To start a new scene, click to the main application icon in the top-left corner to open file popup menu and select New,
  • or press ctrl+N.

To add images or laser scans, you have several options how:

  • Select the Workflow tab in the application ribbon. Then click the Inputs button to add one or more images.
    Do the same with ctrl+enter shortcut.
  • Click the Folder button in the same tab to add all images in a folder.
    Do the same with ctrl+shift+enter shortcut.
  • Drag and drop Simply drag images from Windows Explorer and drop them into RealityCapture. Next to the mouse pointer, you will see plus when the dragged selection can be accepted.

To continue, add one or more images into the project using the methods described above or import a test dataset from the cloud.

You can download the datasets and other here.

You should add at least two images before you can continue.


Calculate camera poses for added inputs


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