Reconstruction Region

If you want to reconstruct just a specific part of a scene, you can place and/or modify a reconstruction region. If you want to reconstruct the whole scene, then just skip this step. From the practical point of view, it is reasonable to restrict the reconstruction to a reasonable area. By doing this you will speed up a model computation, as unimportant parts of the scene will not be considered at all.

If you chose to create a reconstruction on the grid, move your mouse into the 3Ds view:

  1. Click the left mouse button to define the top-left corner of the bottom side of the region (origin).
  2. Move the mouse to define the base of the reconstruction box (width and length).
  3. Click the left mouse button to confirm the bottom side of the region.
  4. Move the mouse to adjust the height of the region.
  5. Click the left mouse button to confirm the region.

Define the box and use the box widget to move and/or rotate and/or adjust dimensions of the region.

  • fig_3dview_reconstruction_region_1
  • fig_3dview_reconstruction_region_2
  • fig_3dview_reconstruction_region_3
  • fig_3dview_reconstruction_region_4
  • fig_3dview_reconstruction_region_5

TIP: You can rotate a scene, change a view or continue the box creation in another view. Use the right click to return back to the previous step. Use bullets on the sides of the box to adjust the box dimensions.

Export and Import the Reconstruction Region

You have the option to use the reconstruction region also in another projects. You can use the Reconstruction Region button in the Export part of the SCENE 3D/TOOLS tab to export the reconstruction region. To import it into another project you can use the Import Reconstruction Region button, which you can find in the Pre-steps (Optional) part of the MESH MODEL tab.

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