Components' Framework

A component is a part of a model - a group of images aligned together. Sometimes you get more components after alignment. This may happen when your photo collection contains more than one disjoint object, object's texture is weak, there are not enough images or the change in perspective is too high.

Merging or Fixing Scenes

Components can be used for many different purposes. The most important are:

Export a Component

Any subset of aligned cameras can be exported as a component.


Import a Component

The RealityCapture alignment component is, in fact, a small scene file. It holds image lists, image properties, camera poses and so on. You can add to the project as many components as you want. Components can also contain duplicate images or points.

Useful Component-related Settings

Depending on a type of components you can choose more components integration strategies by selecting which features you would like to be included in a new alignment of components (separately for each component). You can do it in the Features source in the Selected input(s) panel:


Merge Components

Learn how to merge components using additional photos or control points

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