16-bit and HDR images

RealityCapture supports complete processing of 16bit as well as HDR images. This tutorial will guide you through the process of importing them, using them for texturing, and exporting the texture (with the associated model).


To start your project with 16-bit or HDR images, press the 16-bit/HDR images button in the Workflow tab – part Import & Metadata. This window will open:



While importing images, RealityCapture will tone-map and convert the inputs into jpg format. The conversion happens only for processing reasons - it will speed it up and the exported output will contain all 16-bit or HDR information from the source images.

NOTE: The 16-bit/HDR import process automatically adds all imported and tone-mapped images (.geometry.jpg files) into the opened project. You do not need to add them into the project again.

It is also possible to process original 16-bit or HDR files without conversion to .base.jpg but we do recommend using the previous procedure (with the file conversion). To do so, just drag and drop the images into RealityCapture’s workspace or start the project using the Inputs or Folder button in the Workflow tab, as if they were ordinary images. The following window will show up in this case:


When you press Original, your images will not be converted to .geometry.jpg but imported in their original format.

Now you can continue with standard processing (alignment and meshing).

Texturing in HDR

  1. To start creating 16-bit/HDR textures, click the Settings button in the MESH MODEL tab - part Mesh Color & Texture.
  2. Then navigate to the last line of the panel and set Prefer 16-bit/HDR textures generation to Yes.
  3. Now go back to the MESH MODEL tab to click the Texture button.
  4. Two texture layers will be created: one HDR or 16-bit color layer (depending on the file type of the imported images), plus one standard color layer. They will appear in the 1Ds panel within your model structure – under Model Textures.

NOTE: Textures displayed in RC are tone-mapped and they do not represent the final texture.

Model and Texture Export


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