Application Basics

At Capturing Reality we believe that, when it comes to user interfaces, less is often more. We believe that the application workflows and the user interface have to be intuitive, self-explanatory and a user should be able to achieve their goals without intensive prior learning of the application. However, sometimes a small push forward might be handy and this is what our help resources focus on.
RealityCapture is built on top of a powerful 3D modeling environment and there are only a few things you need to know before you can start fully enjoying its power. This tutorial will help you get familiar with those few simple elements.

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What you should know before starting this tutorial is that, any time you get lost, you can simply go back using the GO BACK button.
Press the F1 key to display this help. Alternatively, click and hold the left mouse button over the silver button in the top-right window corner and select the "help" option.
Help button

Application Ribbon

Get familiar with the application ribbon

View Types

Learn what types of views RealityCapture offers and what their purpose is

Application Layout

Learn the basic user interface organization

UI Elements

Quick guide through UI Elements