Create a 3D Model from Aerial Data

Aerial photography is commonly used for creating maps and capturing structures which are not easily accessible from the ground level.

In RealityCapture there is no difference between creating models from aerial imagery or terrestrial data. You can freely combine aerial, street-level photos or even data from a terrestrial laser scanner. However, to produce geo-referenced 3D models, you can import various data to automate the processing.

Here is the best practice how to process aerial data:

The general further workflow to create a 3D model continues as follows in this detailed step-by-step tutorial: click here. You can decide how far you want to go.

Create a True Orthographic Photograph and a Digital Surface/Terrain Model

To create a true orthographic map or a digital surface model, you should follow this order:

TIP: For aerial data captured with a low-cost camera use a Brown3 with tangential distortion model.

Flight Log

Learn how to import flight log data

Import Ground Control Points

Geo-reference models, measure or improve accuracy using ground control points

Create a 3D Model

Learn how to create a 3D model step-by-step

Create Ortho Projection and DSM

Learn how to create true-ortho photos, altitude or DSM maps

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