Keys and Values

The command-line interface (CLI) of RealityCapture allows its users to change various settings of the application with the set or preset command. This command requires a key (identifying the setting you want to change) and a value. The tables below contain keys and value types for the basic settings.
TIP: We recommend to try various settings in the application user interface first, and after that work with these settings in the CLI.

App Settings

You can find these settings in the Workflow tab. To learn more about the application settings, visit this page.

Name Key Value Default value
Include subdirectories
*relevant for: addFolder command
appIncSubdirs bool false
Automatic updates appAutoUpdate bool true
Log file appLog bool true
Operation log data operationLog bool true
Auto save mode appAutoSaveMode bool true
Handling of autosaved projects*
*defines how to load autosaved projects (if present) when using load command.
More information about Autosave feature here.
appAutoSaveCliHandling delete delete
Max points to display appMaxPointsToDisplay integer 10000000
Cache location appCacheLocation SystemTemp SystemTemp
Cache custom location*
*relevant for: "appCacheLocation=Custom"
appCacheCustomLocation path
Clear cache on exit appAutoClearCache 999999 – Do not clear cache 7 – Items older than 1 week
0 – Clear all cache items
3 – Items older than 3 days
7 – Items older than 1 week
14 – Items older than 2 weeks
30 – Items older than 1 month
90 – Items older than 3 months
Cache image metadata appCacheImageMetadata bool true
Allow Read Only*
*when set to true, it is possible to open the same project in 2 instances.
allowReadOnly bool false
Visual and language settings
Zoom appThemeZoom 0 - Use Windows Settings 0 - Use Windows Settings
1 - 100%
1.25 - 125%
1.5 - 150%
2 - 4K (200%)
3 - 300%
Animated UI appUIAnim bool true
UI Language UserInterfaceLanguageId 2052 - Chinese (simplified)
1028 - Chinese (traditional)
1029 - Czech
1033 - English
1036 - French
1031 - German
1040 - Italian
1041 - Japanese
1042 - Korean
3082 - Spanish
Import settings
Group calibration by exif appGroupCalibrationByExif bool false
Copy imported components to cache appCopyImportedComponentsToCache bool false
Ignore exif GPS appIgnoreExifGPS bool false
Progress and notification
Minimal process duration appProcessActionTime int 15
Action appProcessAction None None
Command-line process*
*relevant for: "appProcessAction=ExecuteProgram"
appProcessExecCmd string
Enable automatic renewal of license activation appLicenseAutoRenew bool true (when activating the license via the activate command)

Alignment Settings

You can find these settings in the Alignment tab. To learn more about the alignment settings, visit this page.

Name Key Value Default value
Max features per mpx sfmMaxFeaturesPerMpx int 10000
Max features per image sfmMaxFeaturesPerImage int 40000
Images' overlap sfmImagesOverlap Low Medium
Image downscale factor sfmImageDownscaleFactor int 1
Max feature reprojection error sfmMaxFeatureReprojectionError float 2.0
Camera priors settings
Use camera priors for georeferencing sfmEnableCameraPrior bool true
Position X accuracy sfmCameraPriorAccuracyX float 10.0
Position Y accuracy sfmCameraPriorAccuracyY float 10.0
Position Z accuracy sfmCameraPriorAccuracyZ float 20.0
Position prior hardness sfmCameraPriorWeight float 1.0
Yaw accuracy sfmCameraPriorAccuracyYaw float 10.0
Pitch accuracy sfmCameraPriorAccuracyPitch float 10.0
Roll accuracy sfmCameraPriorAccuracyRoll float 10.0
Orientation prior hardness sfmCameraPriorWeightOrientation float 1.0
Control point prior settings
Image measurement accuracy [px] sfmControPointImageMeasAccuracy float 2.0
Position X accuracy sfmControlPointXAccuracy float 0.05
Position Y accuracy sfmControlPointYAccuracy float 0.05
Position Z accuracy sfmControlPointZAccuracy float 0.10
Defined distance accuracy sfmDefinedDistanceAccuracy float 0.10
Draft mode
Overlap of images sfmImagesOverlapDraftMode Low Medium
Image downscale factor sfmImageDownscaleFactorDraftMode integer 2
Final model optimization sfmFinalModelOptimizationDraftMode bool false
Add a reconstruction region after alignment sfmAutoReconRegionAfterAlignment bool true
Force component rematch sfmForceComponentRematch bool false
Preselector features sfmPreselectorFeatures int 10000
Detector sensitivity sfmDetectorSensitivity Low Medium
Merge georeferenced components sfmMergeGeoreferencedComponents bool false
Distortion model sfmDistortionModel Division Brown3
Prefer images as feature source during import of Z+F laser scans lisPreferImagesAsFeatureSource bool true

Reconstruction Settings

You can find these settings in the Create Model part of the MESH MODEL tab. To learn more about reconstruction settings, visit this page.

Name Key Value Default value
Image depth map calculation - Preview model
Image downscale mvsPreviewDownscaleFactor int 4
Image depth map calculation - Normal model
Image downscale mvsNormalDownscaleFactor int 2
Laser scans
Minimal distance between two points mvsMinSampleDistanceLaserScan float 0.002
Point-cloud cropping radius mvsMaxSampleDistanceLaserScan float 150.0
Minimal intensity mvsMinIntensityLaserScan float 0.03
Mesh calculation
GPU acceleration MvsGeometryGpuAccel bool true
Minimal distance between two vertices mvsMinSampleDistance float 0.0
Mesh calculation - Preview model
Mesh calculaton strategy mvsPreviewMeshStrategy sfm - Use sparse point cloud sfm
vertexCount - Max vertex count
Max vertex count*
*relevant for: "mvsPreviewMeshStrategy=vertexCount"
mvsPreviewMaxVetrexCountInModel int 10000000
Maximal vertex count per part mvsMaxVertexCountInPart int 5000000
Detail decimation factor mvsDecimationFactor float 1.0
Depth map algorithm version MvsDepthMapsLibVersion 0 - Version 1 1
1 - Version 2
Adaptive blending start mvsAdaptiveBlendingStart float 0.45
Smoothing mvsSmoothingWeight float 1.5
Advanced - Photogrammetry
Default grouping factor mvsDefaultGroupingFactor float 1.0
Low texture grouping factor mvsLowTextureGroupingFactor float 0.25
Default noise factor mvsDefaultNoiseFactor float 1.0
Low texture noise factor mvsLowTextureNoiseFactor float 2.0
Advanced - Mesh filtration
Filter radius mvsFilteringRadius float 3.0
Filter strength mvsFilteringStrength int 2
Advanced - Model import
Maximal vertices' count per part mvsImportMaxTrianglesPerPart int 100000000

Color and Texture Settings

You can find these settings in the Mesh Color & Texture part of the MESH MODEL tab. To learn more about reconstruction settings, visit this page.

Name Key Value Default value
Default unwrap parameters
Gutter unwrapGutter int 2
Minimal texture resolution unwrapMinTexResolution 512 512
Maximal texture resolution unwrapMaxTexResolution 512 8192
Large triangle removal threshold unwrapLargeTriangleRemovalThr int 10
Style unwrapStyle MaxTexturesCount MaxTexturesCount
Maximal textures' count*
*relevant for: "unwrapStyle=MaxTexturesCount"
unwrapMaximalTexCount int 1
Texel size*
*relevant for: "unwrapStyle=FixedTexelSize"
unwrapFixedTexelSizeType 0 - Optimal 0
1 - 2x optimal (50% texture quality)
2 - 4x optimal (25% texture quality)
3 - 10x optimal (10% texture quality)
4 - 100x optimal (1% texture quality)
5 - Custom
Custom texel size*
*relevant for: "unwrapStyle=FixedTexelSize"
"unwrapFixedTexelSizeType =5"
unwrapFixedTexelSize float 0.01
Minimal required texel size*
*relevant for: "unwrapStyle=AdaptiveTexelSize"
unwrapMinTexelSize 0 - Optimal 0
1 – 2x optimal (50% texture quality)
2 – 4x optimal (25% texture quality)
3 – 10x optimal (10% texture quality)
4 – 100x optimal (1% texture quality)
5 - Custom
Custom minimal required texel size*
*relevant for: "unwrapStyle=FixedTexelSize"
"unwrapFixedTexelSizeType =5"
unwrapMinTexelSize float 0.01
Maximal required texel size*
*relevant for: "unwrapStyle=AdaptiveTexelSize"
unwrapMaxTexelSize 0 - Optimal 4
1 – 2x optimal (50% texture quality)
2 – 4x optimal (25% texture quality)
3 – 10x optimal (10% texture quality)
4 – 100x optimal (1% texture quality)
5 - Custom
Custom maximal required texel size*
*relevant for: "unwrapStyle=FixedTexelSize"
"unwrapFixedTexelSizeType =5"
unwrapMaxTexelSize float 10
Imported model default texture resolution txtImportDefaultTexResolution 512 8192
Coloring method txtMethod Linear MultiBand
Coloring style colStyle PhotoConsistencyBased VisibilityBased
Coloring image layer ImageLayerForColoring geometry/name_of_geometry_layer geometry (if no texturing layer is present)
texture01 (if any texturing layer is present)
Texturing style txtStyle PhotoConsistencyBased VisibilityBased
Texturing image layer ImageLayerForTexturing geometry/name_of_geometry_layer all (All texturing layers)
Downscale images before texturing txtImageDownscaleColor int 1
Downscale images before coloring txtImageDownscaleTexture int 2
Fill in uncolored parts txtFillInUncoloredParts bool true
Fill in untextured parts txtFillInUntextoredParts bool true
Recolor model after texturing txtRecolorAfterTexturing bool true
Correct colors MvsDoCorrectColors bool false
Ignore color correction MvsIgnoreCorrectColors bool false
Prefer 16-bit/HDR texture generation MvsGeometryTexturingDoHdr bool true

Error-handling Settings

With the following settings, you can handle potential errors occurring during the command-line processing:

Name Key Value Default value
Quit on error appQuitOnError bool false
Quit on required restart appQuitOnReset bool false
Suppress error messages suppressErrors bool false

Learn how to use the Set Command

See the tutorial on the command-line interface