Control Points

Control points (CPs) are used for correcting camera pose estimation (registration), geo-referencing or setting scale of a model.

There are 3 types of control points:

It is recommended to define at least 2 CPs in 2-5 images. The more points you add, the higher precision you gain.

Related Settings and Icons

After identifying the control point on at least two images, you can see the images in which a GCP has been identified and the per-image-measurement deviations in pixels (the green box in the picture below).


Each control point, ground control point or any constraint can be "Enabled" or "Disabled" and you can choose how the system should treat the point. The application user interface also shows other important information e.g. the coordinate system, conversion, placement or localization errors.


In the Selected control point(s) panel you can define, or Enable control point influence.

Create Control Points

How to create and work with control points

Control Points' Measurements Import

How to import control points' positions into your project

Ground Control Points Import

How to add ground control points into your project

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